HiperDino reopens its store in Puerto Santiago

HiperDino reopens its store in Puerto Santiago

🕔13:11, 23.Mar 2018

The Canarian supermarket chain has reopened this HiperDino Express store located in Tenerife after a comprehensive renovation.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, March 7th 2018. The DinoSol group has ended the renovations in their HiperDino Express store located in Puerto Santiago, thus complying with the company’s strategy of improving and upgrading its facilities.

With many significant improvements, the company looks forward to adapt to the needs and demands of its customers, with the inclusion of the latest technologies in order to improve and make the shopping process much easier for its customers.

HiperDino Puerto Santiago is located in the Centro Comercial Mar Blanco, Honduras Street, Puerto Santiago, Tenerife. The store has 1346 square feet, with an expansion of the sales area as well as its façade, and the addition of a new terrace.

As for the interior, significant improvements have also been included, such as a renovated perfume section, a self-service bakery, and wider halls in order to ease the flow of the customers throughout the different sections and improve their shopping experience. HiperDino Express Puerto Santiago also includes a great range of national and international leading brands, quality fresh products, and a wine section with the best of prices.

Opening hours of the store are Monday to Sunday, from 8:00h to 22:00h, and it has 2 cash registers within a single counter in order to speed the flow of customers at the exit zone.

The DinoSol Group, as a response to the continuous growth in the number of visitors, keeps opening new stores as part of its expansion plan. Grupo DinoSol has 73 stores spread across the Canarian archipelago, and they’re all participants in the DA+ programme, which promotes the employee’s well-being in order to ensure an excellent buying experience for the customers.

The new store comes with a public address system which gives announcements in various languages, such as English, German, and Spanish, as well as with free wifi for all its customers.