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🔍Read Full Article Fuerteventura, very close to Paradise

Fuerteventura, very close to Paradise

🕔11:35, 07.Aug 2015

Think of extensive and untouched beaches of white sand. On a coast bathed by the ocean and clear waters that invite you to relax in suggestive intimacy. You won't find anywhere better to ride a board over the turquoise sea and win against the wind. But Fuerteventura is not just sea and sun. On this island, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, you can also enjoy other surprising landscapes such as the extensive plains resulting from years...

🔍Read Full Article Tenerife, experience nature

Tenerife, experience nature

🕔18:02, 06.Aug 2015

The island has 43 protected natural areas that occupy half of the territory. Exceptional landscapes to admire such as Laurisilva, a lush forest formation with a magical appearance left over from the tertiary age, or the Cliffs of Los Gigantes, with peaks that can reach heights of 600 metres, which you can experience to the maximum through outdoor activities. One of these activities is hiking.
This is one of the best ways to discover the natural corners...

🔍Read Full Article Gran Canaria, the strange magic of the place

Gran Canaria, the strange magic of the place

🕔17:54, 06.Aug 2015

Look underneath the sea of beaches. Behind the beaches there is an extraordinary rarity. A rarity that originates from the unusual mix of cultures that grew over hundreds of years. Germinated under a crossroads. Gran Canaria is this crossroad. A place of passage for people from a thousand different origins. The strange mix of aromas, colours and cultures that appeared improvised to travellers long ago. The final European port. The final breath of air before beginning the...

🔍Read Full Article Lanzarote, very close to Paradise

Lanzarote, very close to Paradise

🕔08:10, 18.Jun 2013

Lanzarote is one of those places that leave nobody indifferent. Its amazing nature, the incredible landscapes, the spectacular beaches, the deep traditions, the cuisine and above all, the respect for the environment that can be breathed on this island, all make Lanzarote the ideal destination for enjoying and to repeat for new surprises. Text and photos by: